Welcome to My Website

Hello and welcome to my website, this site is all about movies and video games as well as tutorials on how to make videos, how to make your own website and I post things in the Tech amd movie world that matter to me. if you have any questions feel free to email me and to contact me if you like just leave me a message.

I created this website back in September of 2009 because when I was a kid I had always wanted to build my own website but never knew how until now when I figured out what what needed in order to put a website online. my goal with my website is to showcase the videos I make and to showcase movies that matter to me most as I talk about them and explain why I feel the way that I do about them.


Tutorial Vidoes

This is where I showcase all of the tutorial videos that I have done on youtube. I show people how to use programs like sony vegas, final cut, after effects and many more.

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Gaming Videos

This is where I showcase all of my gaming videos which are let's plays on any game that I play on my gaming channel MastersunGaming. I like to play any game that I can get my hands on as I mostly play games on PC and PS4.

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This section showcases all of the wallpaper or fan art that I have made of some of my favorite movies and TV shows as well as some of my favorite super heroes.

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