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Types of Warning - Members are warned on a points based system with different Code of Conduct (CoC) violations accumulating different numbers of points. When the number of points accumulated reaches a certain level a type of punitive action will come into effect. The types of punitive actions range from content moderation (your posts require approval), removal of ability to post and lastly suspensions. The length of time for each of these punitive actions and when points are removed will be determined by the Moderator or Commander whom issued the warning. When receiving a warning you should receive an explanation of why you were warned in the form of a PM.

The Moderation Staff will always operate on a benefit of the doubt system. You may receive a verbal warning, in the form of a PM, about a specific incident or a trend of behavior. These verbal warnings should be respected in the same manner the warning system is implemented; to ignore a verbal warning may mean harsher punitive action on a second infraction of the Code Of Conduct.

Immediate Bans - The Administrators reserves the right to ban immediately members caught cheating, spamming the forums with advertisements, posting pornography or hate speech, publicly harming the Brandon Parker's reputation, Issuing death threats, rape threats or other extremely aggressive behavior. This will NOT be tolerated and you may be subject to violating your local law’s which the AJSA may cooperate with authorities in an appropriate manner to resolve.

Appeals - All warnings may be appealed by contacting Brandon Parker at here email here brandonparker@pixalpocketmedia.com. An investigation will be held into whether or not the warning was justly issued and if the appeal is found successful the punitive action will be over-turned and the points removed. Appeals made in public on the forum will be ignored and may lead to further punitive action if repeatedly posted.

1. If you have a problem with a member, attempt to speak privately by sending a PM over the forums, or requesting a private chat on facebook.

2. If that doesn't help speak privately with one of the community Moderators.

3. Council Members and Brandon Parker are not appropriate individuals to file complaints with. They will not field them, they will instead refer you to your local Moderator, Game Officer or Commander.

If ever you are subject to personal abuse when trying to contact an individual privately to resolve an issue you are able to add a Moderator to the PM conversation in which they will be able to see what was said by both sides. Brandon Parker encourages you to do this as he take his members being subject to abuse very seriously.

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