Hello everyone my name is Brandon Parker this is my official website if you are on this website you probably know me from youtube I have always been fascinated with designing on the web ever since I grabbed my hands on a computer when I was 8yrs old now I am 24 yrs old a lot has changed with the internet as there is so many things you can do online now a days. I own a mac and and I know a lot about how to use both windows and the Mac OS; and because I know so much I decided to do tutorials on youtube to teach people what I know as most of what I know I taught myself I guess being a computer geek was something I was ment to be. I have also been fascinated with making videos with cool effects using programs like sony vegas, final cut, adobe after effects & using photoshop to make cool wallpapers and background designs. I am also in film school at the Colorado Film school located in Aurora, Colorado, So what will you find on this website? Most of my youtube videos in an organized fashion, Such as my tutorials from my Mastersun88 & my gaming channel Fantasiart I also have a third account with other videos called Spyknock if you need a website designed for you just let me know by sending me an email I can give you a free quote

What you will also find on my website is some free youtube, myspace, facebook, twitter, and youtube layouts as well as website layouts. I hope you enjoy my website if you got questions you can hit me up at both my emails brandonparker@pixalpocketmedia.com or on my gmail email hopeofthefuture8@gmail.com

You can also call me on my cell phone [719-369-1478] if you call my cell let me know that you got my number from my website you can also text me as well if you are afraid to call me but like I said unless you tell me you got my number from my website I might not answer. I live in Aurora, Colorado which is located in Denver.

You can contact me here